The best way for a band to show that their genre is alive and well is to reinvent it! They take elements of one influence, a touch of another, pieces of one more, and then blend it all together with an original sound. It’s a taste of the familiar with a kick-in-the-ass of the unexpected that leaves the listener dying for more. This is a formula that the Denver-based band Right Before Rain adheres to. Whether it’s a quick, driving beat that eludes to classic elements of punk rock, a screaming guitar solo that makes you want to raise those devil horns in the air, or tearing vocals that bring you back to the classic “emo” days, Right Before Rain strategically and seamlessly piece together elements of their diverse influences along with their own organic sound. 

To complement their one-of-a-kind sound, Right Before Rain offers an energetic live show that demonstrates the bands musical experience and capabilities. Right Before Rain is ready to show the world what they’ve got!

Artists we've shared the stage with:
The Ataris
Lola Black
Hold Close
Gold Route


Right Before Rain is:

Jake Westerman - Vocals/Guitar · Jordan Gurrentz - Bass

Dylan Neise - Guitar · Mike Bibeau - Drums